Supporting you with a warm, professional staff

We’ve brought together seasoned, compassionate professionals from major metro hospitals to help make your experience with us positive and supportive. Fluent in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin, they’ll make sure your treatment process is clear and understandable. And to ease your anxiety, they’ll provide social services support, as well as a survivor matching program that will connect you to someone who’s been through your experience and will help walk you through it.
Jose Martinez started his career working on this country's advanced military aircraft as an avionic technician. He translated his technical expertise into a more humanistic approach when he was accepted into the prestigious Radiation Therapy program at Memorial Sloan Kettering and so impressed his instructors that he was offered a full-time position at their main Cancer Center. His attention to detail lead him to his senior position in the simulator where actual radiation treatments are planned. He has been the senior Therapist at Eastside Radiation and has joined Tribeca Radiation as the Chief therapist and will put his over10 years of clinical experience in the field to good use.
Shameek Smith has an Associate Degree in Office Administration from Monroe College, New York where she was honored by making both the President and Dean's list. Former employers include St. Vincent's Comprehensive Cancer Center, The NYU Medical Center, Self-Help Community Services and the Bronx Lebanon Special Care Center. Shameek's comprehensive administrative skills excel in accuracy, due diligence and specialized medical terminology. She is also the devoted mother of a wonderful young son "Tay"
Jimmy Poon has been a jack of all trades running restaurants in Hong Kong and New York as well as a tour guide in Japan. Until his retirement he worked for the American Cancer Society and is well known in the community for his devotion to patient care and education. He has even wrote a booklet to help patients deal with the practical aspects of cancer care from a patients point of view. Fortunately he has come out of retirement to once again focus on patient care and coordination. Using his years of experience he will help to run our support group net work starting with the nasopharynx guidance group and other support groups.