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About Facility

TriBeCa Radiation is a modern self contained facility offering state of the art technology including rapid arc radiation and high dose rate brachytherapy. The ancillary staff are senior members from major metropolitan hospitals and are fluent in english, spanish, cantonese and mandarin. We have social services support and a nasopharynx big brother/sister support group.

Cone Based CT scanning

A special x- ray unit is attached to the linear accelerator to perform CT scans seconds before each treatment and this ensures that the tumors are accurately targeted. Unlike other localization methods such as x-rays and implanted markers this technology allows us to see and avoid normal as well The net result is that we can decrease our margin of error and minimize side-effects while not compromising our ability to eradicate tumors.

RapidArc® Radiation Therapy

Therapy is an improved second generation Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy ( IMRT) that delivers a powerful dose of targeted radiation that is shaped to conform to the tumor. This highly focused treatment continuously reshapes the radiation beam throughout the treatment, minimizing the dose to the surrounding healthy tissue. Remarkably, this treatment can be accomplished in as little as two minutes.. The staff at TriBeCa Radiation were part the pioneering team that introduced this technology to the city and built up many years of experience.

TriBeCa Radiation is one of the few freestanding centers selected as a teaching site for Manhattan College's 4 year technologists training program where students are sent for clinical experience as well as for rotations in medical physics.

High-Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy

delivers high doses of radiation from tiny pellets placed inside or near the tumor. This procedure maximizes the radiation that is delivered to cancerous tissues, while largely sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. This treatment can also be performed in just a few minutes, and can potentially reduce the treatment process from weeks to just a few days.